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Education Law

Nicholas Morabito, Esq. at Morabito Law Offices has represented a local school district in the Rochester, New York area since 1954.  His representation has been in all facets of Education Law.  With almost 60 years of experience, there is no area of Education Law that Nicholas Morabito has not addressed.  His experience and knowledge cannot be matched by any practitioner.

David R. Morabito at Morabito Law Offices also assisted in the representation of a local school district in the Rochester, New York area approximately for the past 30 years.  He has an exceptional amount of litigation and courtroom experience involving Education Law.

He has successfully represented both the school district and teachers, administrators or school employees in a host of legal issues from termination, insubordination, misconduct, competency, wrongdoing, abuse of public funds—David R. Morabito, Esq. will very aggressively represent your interests and rights in a professional and competent way.

David R. Morabito, Esq. has the education experience, knowledge, trial and courtroom experience to very competently represent you or your family member at all levels of the school administrative process or in the courts. Trial and courtroom experience of an attorney is priceless when you are being terminated from a school district who is generally represented by a “large firm” with unlimited financial resources of the school district.

David R. Morabito Esq., to date, has been successful in all termination cases in his 25 years experience—both at the administrative and trial court levels.  His criminal law experience for the last 30 years defending thousands of clients, is representing those who have been accused by the state or federal government with illegal or wrongful acts.  Representing a teacher, school employee or administrator in a termination case is no different. The teacher, school employee or administrator has been accused of an illegal or wrongful act.